Another Party

The Halloween caption is a classic (maybe even a cliché), but what more can you expect from the only day of the year when any sissy can go out without any societal repercussions?

Maybe it's time to pick another random day where you'll dress to express your inner girl without worrying about what others think? I know of somewhere that recommends January 30th (I guess only the lucky Australian sissies will get the good summer dresses, then).

Eyes on Unibrow

Eyes define a face. Large eyes sparkle with femininity, while squinting, sunken eyes menace with masculinity. So it's no surprise that a majority of make-up targets the eyes. Eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, lash extensions...

But the eyebrows are often overlooked - dressed up with an eyebrow pencil and forgotten. You can sculpt your eyebrows into a beautiful feminine arch by waxing or tweezing undesirable hairs away (although they will grow back).

Even bushy eyebrows can be tantalizingly feminine if you shape them right. So here you go, an excellent guide to plucking some of those unnecessary hairs away.

Sissy Station had a fitting assignment, but it seems to go down more often than a cock-crazed sissy. Don't worry, you don't need to pluck everything all at once and risk having coworkers notice your emerging beauty.

So here's an assignment: for the next month pluck 3 - and only 3 - eyebrow hairs each day until you have shaped your eyebrows perfectly (start from the bottom, not the top). That way the change will slowly evolve over weeks. People you see and meet with regularly won't notice anything - although people you see randomly in the street might spot your beautiful feminine eyebrows.

You could end up with shapely, pretty eyebrows just like Sarina!

(...You are looking at her eyebrows right, sissy?)